11. High Heels

11 Sep

GIRLS LOVE high heels. Girls own more high heels than gym shoes. Girls think high heels make their legs look even sexier, and they feel extra-smokin’ when they are tall.

GUYS HATE high heels. Maybe some heels are sexy. It’s debatable. But most stilettos are scary. Pointy toes and spiky heels aren’t very welcoming. If high heels don’t look scary, it’s because they look like they belong on a hooker.

Here’s the other problem with high heels. Girls can’t walk in them. It takes a girl twice as long to get home from the bar when she’s wearing a pair of spiky devil shoes. When heels hurt a girl’s feet, she has to sit down at the bar (which is a downer), or she has to be carried home (which sucks), or she complains about walking barefoot through snow or broken glass and garbage (which is annoying).

Also, guys like girls who are shorter than them. Sometimes a lot shorter than them.


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