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18. Product

18 Sep

GIRLS LOVE product. Hair. Skin. Body. Products everywhere. In the shower. Under the sink. In the medicine cabinet. Girls love beauty products. A shower is not complete without at least two kinds of shampoo, two kinds of conditioner, and two kinds of body washes in addition to shaving cream, leave-in conditioner, and razors. Not to mention body lotions and hand lotions, face lotion and acne cream, tweezers and under-eye cream, hairspray and hair gel. It’s a lengthy list but it’s the price of beauty. Don’t judge.

GUYS HATE product. There’s deodorant, a bar of soap, and shampoo. Followed by shaving gel and a razor. The end.


17. Sarah Jessica Parker

17 Sep

GIRLS LOVE Sarah Jessica Parker and everything she stands for. Her hair, her shoes, her look. She always manages to mystify and push the boundaries with her fashion choices, kind of like Lady Gaga but with class. Girls aspire to look even half as good as SJP. And what girl wouldn’t be jealous of an actress who got to star in Sex and the City?

GUYS HATE Sarah Jessica Parker. SJP is ugly. She looks like a horse. And she’s too skinny. Sorry.

16. Talking on the Phone

16 Sep

GIRLS LOVE to keep in touch with friends by giving them a call. Girls can chat on the phone for hours, multiple times a month, with different friends. Female friendships are like little seedlings that have to constantly be watered with conversation and compliments.

GUYS HATE talking on the phone. Even if a girl has a really good guy friend, they don’t chat on the phone! It would suck.¬†Guys carry cell phones around, but it’s a device that’s used for a commercial break — not for a feature film. It’s for texting and checking sports scores or email when you’re bored at a bar/in class/at work/when hanging out with friends.


15. Pillows

15 Sep

GIRLS LOVE pillows. Pillows are like little fluffy clouds of happiness that scream, “Look at me! I’m an interior designer!” Did you know that a pillow can completely change the look of the room? Pillows can be beautiful handcrafted additions to a couch or bed and are often pricey yet unnecessary investments. They can be thoughtfully arranged in groups with coordinating colors and sizes or perfectly complimentary patterns.

GUYS HATE pillows. Anything that gets in the way of sleeping or lounging will be thrown on the floor.

14. Wedding Makeup

14 Sep

GIRLS LOVE hiring a makeup artist for their wedding day. It’s important that they and their bridesmaids look their best, and hiring a makeup artist makes everyone feel like a celeb. Also, girls need to look extra good in the marathon of wedding photos which sometimes require a bit more makeup than usual.

GUYS HATE wedding makeup. And makeup artists. The bride and the bridesmaids always look better at the rehearsal dinner the night before because they did their makeup themselves. There’s always a hot bridesmaid at the rehearsal dinner that all the guys are interested in. The wedding day rolls around and she’s unrecognizable because of caked-on makeup that makes her look like she’s 40, huge hair, and a bold, shiny, strapless bridesmaid dress. Gross.

Image: Timeless Photography

13. Getting Ready

13 Sep

GIRLS LOVE getting ready. Sometimes it’s more fun than going out. “Getting ready” means meeting up with each other hours before an event (like a wedding, a dance, or just a night out) to “get ready together.” They’ll play music. They’ll try on clothes. They’ll share makeup. They’ll straighten (or curl) each other’s hair. They’ll share perfume. It’s one of the most cherished memories of being a girl.

GUYS HATE getting ready. Most of the time, dudes get ready in 5 minutes. Then they have nothing to do except wait and wait and wait. So when the bride says that the wedding party has to arrive at 8 AM to “start getting ready,” it just means that they groomsmen will start wrinkling their tuxes and drinking by 8:10 AM.

12. Taylor Swift

12 Sep

GIRLS LOVE Taylor Swift. She has a special spot in every woman’s heart. Taylor Swift is cute and has pretty hair and wears adorable dresses. Taylor Swift sings about romance and princesses and love and being 15 and first kisses and teardrops on her guitar all while wearing prom dresses. And her music videos have castles and white horses and butterflies.

GUYS HATE Taylor Swift. Her songs suck and her glittery prom dresses are stupid. Also, she can’t sing.